Rent a house expats

Rent a house to Expats you can do via Expat Relocation Groningen! We have a lot of experience in expat rentals and are happy to give you advice. Because of our local knowledge we know exactly how your house should be presented to the market. Do you want to rent out your house to expats in Groningen? We can help you with this!

Rent a house expats: what are expats?

Expats are foreign employees who come to work in the Netherlands for a couple of years. They are usually well educated and gain a stable income. This makes expats reliable tenants. Expats often search for houses in the higher price range, houses that other tenants cannot afford or do not want to. Houses that are available temporarily are perfect for expats; after the rental period your house will be free again for a new rental period or own use. We will make sure there is a solid contract, the house is inspected and that the keys are delivered.

You can also choose Expat Relocation Groningen for property management. We have the options financial and technical property management. When outsourcing this, you do not have to worry about your rented out house. Please indicate this in your apply form if you want more information about property management.

Are you interested in renting your house to expats? Offer your house today by sending the contact form!