Are you interested in renting out your house to expats by reading this website? This is also possible via!

Expats are foreign employees who are hired by a Dutch company or sent out by their own company. They are often reliable tenants with a high income. This makes expats look for houses in the higher price segment. The contracts of expats in the Netherlands end usually between 1 and 3 years, so they look for temporary housing. After the rental period, your house will be free for your own use, a new rental period or sale. Besides this, expats are often looking for furnished houses, so you can leave your furniture as it is!

Expat Relocation Groningen will make sure that a decent contract is drawn and the transmission of the keys is handled well. You can always come to us with questions after signing the contract.

We also offer property management for owners. Expat Relocation Groningen offers two sorts of property management: financial and technical. This means that we collect the rent and help with small technical problems in and around the house. Do you want more information about property management? Please tell us this in your application.

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